Jobs In The Industry

Some of the jobs under the Information Technology department in football organizations include:

  • Vice president of IT
  • IT Director
  • Applications Developer
  • Technical support specialist
  • IT/help desk support

This is only for a handful of teams. Organizations that are more technologically invested will have more opportunity within IT. Some other jobs may include positions with companies that partner with sports stadiums outsource certain parts of their fan experience to outside companies.


Why This Topic?

I chose this topic because I have always wanted to work in a professional sports stadium. I grew up in south Florida and have been a heat fan for the longest time. Going to their games and seeing the pre-game introductions with the loud music, flashing lights, and screaming crowd. Going to opening day of the Miami Marlins when their new stadium opened was also an amazing memory that fueled my admiration of these stadiums.

My First Blog Post


My name is Rick Reinhard and I want to welcome you my blog about new technology and Information Technology in professional sports stadiums.

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